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Getting to know O² Motion technology

19th Dec 2019

Men have come to expect technology and comfort built into the one shoe - but only in the form of casual shoes or sports shoes. When it came to men’s dress shoes, it was a trade off.

Julius Marlow’s O² Motion technology has set out to change this. Now, there is no sacrifice. Now, there’s no need to rock sneakers and suit pants as you head into the office. Instead, you can get all of the performance technology and comfort, but with the effortless style you’d expect in a dress shoe.

The O² Motion secret: the air pod.
Where foams and memory foams tend to flatten and lose their
cushioning, O² Motion air pods remain intact. They are there for the life of the product.

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From the moment you first put on the shoe, you’ll notice elevated comfort. In fact, it will be noticeable every time you wear the shoes. The unique dual density outsole has flex curves that are designed to enhance your natural walking motion, reducing the amount of effort that it takes with each stride.

With O² Motion shoes, you can actually see the technology.
Gone are the days of comfort being buried inside the shoe. We’ve brought the technology out of hiding, and we’ve put it exactly where you can see it. That way, we can tell you how it works and how it flexes, but better yet, we can show you.

We know comfort is critical but not at the expense of great looking shoes. O² Motion was created to give you the absolute best of both worlds “Style with performance”.

Don’t just take our word for it take the 60-day Performance Guarantee.

From Left: Utopia Cognac, Ube Black, Longreach Mocha.