You Can’t Keep a Good Shoe Down

Seasons come and go. Styles evolve. But some things are so good they stand the test of time. That in itself deserves celebrating.

At Julius Marlow, our small Melbourne-based team strives to experiment and challenge the space of footwear.
When a style is so popular with our customers, we can’t possibly say goodbye to it.


Kick has become one of our best-selling boots. Thousands of Australians are now sporting Kick wherever their journey is taking them.

Why is it so popular? You can dress it up, dress it down, dress it sideways. We have loved watching styles evolve and all the different ways people are wearing Kick.

This lower cut Chelsea boot sports a supple hand finished leather upper. It feels soft against the foot and provides durability. With it’s sturdy leather gusset, it’s perfect if laces aren’t your thing. There is also a rubber outsole to increase traction and prevent slipping.

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