Getting to know Crystal Sole technology

Having introduced the original Crystal Sole back in 1946, performance technology in men’s footwear has always been a key focal point for Julius Marlow and our shoemakers.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve lost sight of style, or durability. And, while we’re not trying to be all things to all people, we are continually trying to understand how we can solve some of the challenges our customer has, especially when it comes to trading off style for comfort in men’s dress shoes.

Crystal Sole is all about comfort, durability, flex and grip.
Originally introduced to offer a functional sole that reduces slipping, the pure rubber sole has developed over time to offer longevity previously unseen. This means you get a shoe that you don’t have to replace quickly, a shoe that ages with you, molding to your feet the more you wear them. Investing in a leather shoe should be just that, it should get better with time, not be something you have to throw away as soon as the season ends.

In our pursuit of durability and longevity, we haven’t traded in traction or looks. Yeah we could make a thick leather outsole, meaning durability is paramount, but underfoot comfort gone, underfoot traction gone. Hence why those herringbone serrated patterns on the outsoles are not just for aesthetics. They’re functional. They open up when the foot hits the ground to offer a point of traction regardless of whether it’s a bit slippery underfoot.

See, we’re trying to solve the whole problem, not just half of it.

Check out the range here.

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