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Finding the Perfect Size Online

7th Nov 2019

Buying shoes online can be tricky. Between different size guides around the world, nuances in sizing between different brands, how the materials and shape of the shoe can affect which size you pick, it’s little wonder it can get a bit too hard for some. We sat down with Julius Marlow’s Product Manager, Gino Volpe, to get some tips and tricks to finding the perfect sized shoe when buying online.

Firstly, what’s the difference between
UK, US and Euro sizing?

Essentially most size guides are fairly similar. In fact, UK and US sizes grow in the exact same size increments (for example: 10 US is the same as 9 UK, 11 US is the same as 10 UK, and so on). Euro sizing however is a bit different, they have smaller sizing increments. This means that while UK and US do half sizes, Euro doesn’t.

With all these sizes, people can wrongly assume that the size they wear in trainers will be the same size they wear in a dress shoe. But this isn’t the case, they could be a 10 or 10.5 in a trainer but a 9 in a dress shoe!

At Julius Marlow, the majority of our shoes are in UK sizing. Thankfully you can take advantage of our universal sizing function on our product pages. Or use our size guide to get the right fit.

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What are some telltale signs that your shoes
are the wrong size?

One way to tell if your shoes are too big for you, is that the lining on the inside of the shoe starts to wear away. Flopping around inside your shoes means you’re wearing out the inside lining, especially in the heel, so you’ll see it deteriorate quicker than normal.

Another way to know if it’s too big is if you are taking a step and your heel is lifting and going up and down. This means your foot isn’t cradled properly. So, assuming they’ve been laced properly, if you’re still slipping you need to go down half a size.

Any tips to buying the right size shoe?

My first tip would be to buy your shoes a little bit snug because when the leather stretches it still stays taut and looks nicer. They shouldn’t be uncomfortable but most shoes will stretch, especially suede, so you need to factor that in.

Secondly, if you’ve got a wider foot then go up half a size. At Julius Marlow our half sizes are just that little bit wider, giving you a bit more girth, than the full sizes. Be careful though as a lot of guys do think their foot is wider than it actually is.

We’ve got you covered...

Don’t stress about buying shoes online. I am always talking to our Customer Service team to help ensure customers are happy with our shoes, so rest assured I’m invested in our shoes from start to finish. But if they’re not quite right, we’ve got a great returns policy - so simply return them for free. And, we also have a 60-day Performance Guarantee on all O2 Motion products, to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the level of comfort they offer.