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A lot has happened here in Melbourne…

2nd Aug 2019

Melbourne is a city rich in history. It’s a history forged by the remarkable people who call it home and the countless stories of triumph, failure, inclusivity, innovation, creativity and diversity.    

Ours began in the backstreets of Collingwood in 1928 with one man’s vision to disrupt and change the face of men’s footwear. Ivor Trescowthick saw an opportunity to create stylish, innovative, quality footwear that not only looked great but were accessible to everyone.  

It was a vision for building a business whose values directly reflected the place in which it was born.  

You see, Julius Marlow wasn’t just made in Melbourne. It was made by Melbourne. 

We want to inspire and support individuality and the journey of crafting one’s unique story, while elevating the city that gave us our start. We strive to be honest, approachable, supportive, and trustworthy. Just like Melbourne, we embrace imperfections and refuse to project a perfect image. 

From here on in we are committed to prioritising diversity and showcasing change-makers of all walks of life in future campaigns. Talent that leads with humility, cares about the local community and personifies the brand’s core values.  

As well, in lieu of traditional talent fees, we have committed to making donations into local community, on behalf of our ambassadors, contributing to organisations and initiatives that hold a special place in their hearts. This ensures the talent we select have a genuine investment in our great city, and also share our core values. 

We would like to introduce you to some amazing Melbournians, you’ll be seeing a lot of them over the next while.


Richmond-based tattoo artist and owner of
Fine Line Tattoos.

Cholo began his tattoo artist journey back in 2011 where his work was heavily influenced by the lettering graffiti he had done in high school. He soon discovered that he wanted to be a part of cementing people's memories and moments through tattooing. Cholo discovered his signature style of "fine line" tattooing through his clients. He realised that small and delicate tattoos resonated most with his clientele, so it didn't take long before he found his niche and opened up his own studio, Fine Line Tattoos in Richmond. Fine Line Tattoos currently has an impressive social following and has appeared at various high-profile events in Melbourne to do "pop-up tattoos".

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Marriage celebrant and owner of The Bearded Celebrant.

Queensland native, living in Ringwood, VIC. Samuel started his journey as a marriage celebrant 3 years ago. When marrying his wife he found the celebrant they hired took an extremely cookie-cutter approach to their nuptials. He also noticed people were no longer excited about the concept of the wedding ceremony. They just wanted to go for the party. The Bearded Celebrant aims to bring the party back to the ceremony. He strives to create an authentic, one-of-a-kind wedding experience for every couple he works with.  

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Dancers, filmmakers and co-owners of Flying Art Films.

David and Kim met through a shared passion of dance and discovered commonalities in content creation and filmmaking. The two friends launched Flying Art Films to connect, grow and create with other like-minded business owners, creatives and artists. Since launching, they have worked with established brands such as Tag Heur, Swisse, Lululemon, Country Road, The Fifth Watches and more.

More than a production company, this duo has remained heavily involved in the Melbourne dance community. Their passion is to help dancers grow and be recognised for their talent. This transpires through teaching workshops and hosting showcase events to raise funds to support dance studios that are struggling to stay afloat.

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And behind the scenes we enlisted notable photographer Bernard Gueit, award-winning filmmakers Jesse Vogelaar and Ryan Gasparini of The Folks Upstairs. 

Each of our change-makers (both in front of and behind the cameras) have an incredible story of disrupting their respective industry with innovative ideas. We want to genuinely showcase Melbourne residents who are busy building their own legacies in a meaningful way.