Your step by step guide on how to look after suede.

Suede boots are a classic staple that add style and texture to any gentleman's wardrobe. The problem? Take them on a night out with mates and before you know it, your treasured suede boots are as about as fashionable as a pair of slippers. 

But never fear, there are ways to keep your suede looking spick and span for this season and next (and even the one after that). 


  1. Probably the most imperative step so pay attention now! Ensure your shoes are weatherproofed before you take them out on the town. Begin by applying a silicone-based suede protector spray (make sure that it’s a good colour match) and leave to absorb overnight. (YES that says overnight, not five minutes before you jump in the cab).
  2. It’s worth investing in a cleaning block and a quality suede brush to help remove any stubborn stains. Both can be found at quality cobblers. A suede brush has a small wire implement and bristle that helps keep the fabric’s natural nap; brush the suede after wear to remove any excess surface dirt.
  3. Avoid applying topical products to suede, this will disrupt the fibres and leave your shoes looking old and over worn.
  4. If you get your suede shoes wet, remove any excess liquid by dabbing with a towel and allow it to dry naturally overnight. Once dried, lightly brush the suede in its natural direction to restore your shoes.
  5. If you drop your snag and get a grease stain in the suede, try rubbing a small amount of talcum powder into the stain and leave to dry over several hours – this will absorb the moisture, so when you brush the shoes again, both the talc and the grease should be easily removed. 
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