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About Us

Julius Marlow has been shaped by the diversity, innovation and spirit of Melbourne. Our vision is to inspire and support individuality and the journey of crafting one’s unique story.

Born in 1928 on the streets of Melbourne, Julius Marlow has a rich history of quality shoe- making and lasting change-making. However, our legacy as the "shoe of firsts" defines not just our past, but our future. Julius Marlow continues to push the boundaries of what a shoe can do, and for whom it can do it – a mission and promise shaped by the progressive city that made Julius Marlow: Melbourne.


We invoke the eclectic, experimental, and brazenly creative spirit of Melbourne.

Through technology and innovation, we design products that consistently challenge conformity.

Like Melbourne, diversity has always been at the core of our business. Not only has this commitment impacted our designs, but also our culture. We are honest, approachable, supportive, and trustworthy. We are not exclusive or intimidating – we are open and inviting. And, just like our city, we embrace imperfections and refuse to project a perfect image.

We bring the community together through style and values. We see the people of Melbourne and our customers (past, present and future) as the backbone of our purpose.