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Army veteran back on his feet, with O² Motion.

24th Apr 2019

Casey and his wife Jennifer [Supplied]

We received feedback from Julius Marlow customer, Casey. A married father of three from Queensland. Casey reached out on Facebook to share his experience on a recent O² Motion purchase.

Dear Julius Marlow,

I've suffered nerve pain in both of my feet since 2005. I’ve shopped all over the world for a nice pair of dress shoes that offer me the cushion and support like my favourite sneakers. (The only shoes I can manage to assist with my pain reduction).

At the end of last year, I was visiting my local Myer store and purchased a pair of your O² Motion dress shoes.

For over 10 years I have never been able to wear a nice pair of dress shoes. Usually the pain is too aggressive and it's unbearable after 30 minutes.

Well I have to say, for the first time since my wedding in 2010, I managed a night out and was on my feet for almost four hours in my O² Motions! They were a big success. I look forward to trying on a pair of your casual shoes in the O² range.

Thank you


We wanted to hear more from Casey, so we got in touch to learn about his condition and the impact it has had on his life.

@juliusmarlow Instagram

Life in the Australian Army

During 8 years in the Australian Army, Casey suffered a number of injuries and foot-related issues. Resulting in the collapse of the arches of his feet. After significant investigation, the Army discovered that Casey had popliteal artery entrapment and tarsal tunnel syndrome. As well as significant depression and anxiety. After four years of self-managing his pain (with the support of medical staff) and countless operations, he was medically discharged from his position in the Army as they could not find a reason or cure.

Coming Home

Casey was aware that he had a family to support and put in many long hours trying to keep a salary coming in. Unfortunately, after 4 years of pushing through, the pain progressed to the point that he could no longer work. Casey and his wife Jennifer decided to swap roles. Jennifer would become the bread-bringer and Casey would be the stay-at-home parent (with a little help from an Army pension).

A Day in The Life

Today, Casey’s life focuses around his family, education and rehabilitation. Each morning, he wakes at 5:30am and gets the wee ones ready for the day. Milly (6), Charlie (5) and Ivy (4). (This gives Jennifer a little bit of extra time to sleep in before work). Casey then heads to TAFE where he is studying a Diploma of Building Design and Diploma of Graphic Design.

A couple times a week Casey knocks off from study to head to physiotherapy. Any remaining time in the day is spent with his kids and wife. Preparing meals, helping with homework and keeping the home tidy (with the assistance of a cleaner).

Casey now wears Ube and Verona

Looking forward

While there may be foreseeable remedy to Casey’s current condition. He remains positive and hopeful in himself. While he may be limited in how he tackles day-to-day life, he doesn’t let it slow him down. To this day they are still investigating and trying different therapies.

The Julius Marlow team has been inspired by Casey’s story and journey. We are thrilled that O² Motion has made a positive impact in his life and assisted in keeping him on his feet for longer.

We surprised Casey by topping up his wardrobe with two of our favourite dress and casual O² Motion styles. Regardless of another night out, or a day at the playground. We hope these shoes will see you well for seasons to come!

Thank you for your service and for sharing your story.

What is O² Motion

First developed in 2006, the latest innovation resets the benchmark for men’s business shoes; a revolution inspired by sports science and governed by timeless style.

O² Motion Features

O² MOTION AIR POD: Unique air-filled chamber provides energy return that propels the foot forward.

TORSION STABILISE: Torsion system provides increased stability between the heel and forepart and reduces weight.

FLEXIBLE OUTSOLE: Flex channels in the forepart enhance the natural walking motion of the foot.

DESIGNED IN MELBOURNE: Lovingly designed by artisan shoemakers in Port Melbourne.

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